Here at Primas Medispa, our clients come to us with a variety of health issues that they would like our help with. One of the most common requests is for detoxifying treatments and we often point them in the direction of our cutting-edge Pressotherapy treatment, which can effectively speed up the body’s natural detoxifying processes for incredible results.

How does pressotherapy detoxify the body?

Pressotherapy is a relatively new treatment that uses cushioned sleeves that inflate and deflate to put pressure on various areas of the body that need attention. The pressure helps the body to perform its natural lymphatic drainage, boosting everything from skin and muscle tone, to circulation and the reduction of water retention.

Many of our clients rely on our Pressotherapy treatment for the reduction of cellulite, but there are many more benefits to enjoy that will have you feeling and looking better than ever.


Why is detoxifying the body so important?

There are a number of benefits to detoxification. It is a natural process that involves removing toxins from the muscles, towards the heart and then out of the body largely through the skin and urine.


Weight loss and body shaping

Detoxing helps us to achieve and retain a healthy body weight and shape. Maintaining a healthy lymph system allows the body to rid itself of the build up of unnatural and potentially harmful toxins that can clog up our systems and slow down our natural processes, such as digestion and circulation of the blood.


Skin health

If you suffer from blemishes on your face or body, detoxifying treatments, such as Pressotherapy, can help to flush out the build-up of toxins that can lead to dull, lifeless or spotty skin.

Pressotherapy involves a process that helps to physically drain impurities through the lymphatic system, stimulating circulation around the skin’s surface and promoting healthy skin tone and clarity.


Energy boosting

Do you ever feel overly tired or like you’re lacking the energy you need to get through the day without feeling fatigued? A detoxifying treatment such as Pressotherapy could have a major impact on your energy levels. Toxins in the body can slow us down and limit general bodily functions. When we rid our bodies of these damaging toxins, our bodies are more able to work as they should without having to deal with blockages and harmful toxins.


Boosting the immune system

Detoxing your body means that your organs no longer have to work hard to deal with the impact of toxins on the body. After undergoing a Pressotherapy session, clients feel better as their organs are able to fulfil their functions more easily and one of these functions is to protect the body from illness and disease.


General wellbeing

If you suffer from ailments that impact your everyday life, whether it be heavy legs at the end of the day due to water retention, or painful bloating that stops you enjoying food, Pressotherapy could be the solution you are looking for.

The detoxifying and toning effects of this new therapy can boost your overall wellbeing by helping your body to deal with these common ailments that affect thousands of people every day.

Why not book a session with Primas Medispa today, at our central London spa, and see how the detoxifying effects of pressotherapy can make you feel better on the inside and out.