At Primas Medispa, we are proud to offer you one of our most successful and effective treatments: Pressotherapy. Conducted by our professional experts is one of the clinic’s most popular appearance-enhancing therapies.

Pressotherapy detoxifies your body, boosting its natural functions. Whether your goal is to get rid of unnecessary fat, reduce stubborn areas of cellulite or water retention, this revolutionary treatment is perfect for you!

When it comes to the frequency of Pressotherapy, it often depends on your body and unique lifestyle. Call or visit us at our clinic in the heart of London today if you’d like a personal recommendation, or read on to get a general idea about how often you should use Pressotherapy.


How often should I use Pressotherapy?


In order to determine how often you should use Pressotherapy, it is important to examine your unique situation. Everyone’s body is different, and the number of treatments you should be receiving depends on several factors, including your body composition, your age, your beauty goals and lifestyle.

When combined with a healthy diet and consistent work-outs, Pressotherapy can help your body boost its natural functions and circulation, as well as speed up the body’s detoxifying process.

Consistent exercise stimulates the lymphatic system and helps detoxify the body naturally. Therefore, people who are not regularly active may require one or two sessions per week, while gym-enthusiasts may merely need to undergo a treatment once a month, or every two months until their goals are achieved.


Using Pressotherapy to lose weight


If your goal is to lose weight, a minimum of four treatments a month is often recommended.

Pressotherapy is scientifically-proven to enhance your natural figure and improve your general body profile. It can help you get rid of unwanted cellulite, reduce fat and redefine your legs, stomach and arms. However, to achieve weight-loss faster and maintain your body shape, it is essential to stick to a healthy diet and at least two work-out sessions per week. This helps add to the benefits you get from Pressotherapy quickly, while contributing a healthy lifestyle.

Pressotherapy for better health


You may also wish to treat yourself with one or two Pressotherapy treatments every three months, if you experience frequent common colds or headaches, as it improves your immune system, by building up your defences against pathogens and helping you lower your blood pressure. Also, using high-strength massaging effects on various body parts can help cure headaches and relax muscle tensions.

Regular treatment is also suitable for those wanting to manage skin disorders. Pressotherapy enhances natural vitality and ensures radiant, blemish-free skin!


Alleviating swelling with Pressotherapy


Pressotherapy can help prevent serious medical conditions from occurring in the future. For example, long-term swelling and inflammation in the body, which are developed through damage in the muscles and joints, can lead to serious heart diseases. Pressotherapy has the ability to reduce such risks and harmful impacts by improving blood flow and effectively diminishing swellings.

Hence, booking a series of Pressotherapy sessions can greatly benefit your long-term health and help protect your body from certain diseases.


Are frequent Pressotherapy sessions safe?


Pressotherapy treatment has not been scientifically-proven to have any harmful side effects. So far, the treatment has proven to be very safe for patients. You may experience muscle pain, depending on the pressure intensity you have selected, however this is only moderate and can be avoided with a lower pressure setting, if you experience discomfort.

Also, red spots on the skin or other skin irritations can sometimes occur after the session. But these are proven to be normal reactions of your body and will go away shortly after the treatment is completed. So, don’t worry.

Pressotherapy does have certain conditions. If you recently had surgery or suffer from any physical health conditions, such as heart diseases, severe diabetes, fever, pregnancy or an acute infection, we highly advise you to consult with our professional team first before you book any treatments.

Arrange a consultation


If you would like to find out more about your options and how often to implement Pressotherapy into your beauty regime, we will be more than happy to welcome you at Primas Medispa, based in the heart of London. We’re here to help you find the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Our highly-effective therapy can help boost your overall wellbeing, by detoxifying and toning your body and improving its various natural functions. Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff and begin your beauty journey today!