Laser hair removal is an effective medical procedure using concentrated beams of light to remove unwanted body hair. While it can’t permanently stop hair from growing, it can slow it down considerably so that you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin that lasts for several months at a time

As technology has developed to be more sophisticated, the effectiveness and safety of laser hair removal has improved massively. However, if you’re still concerned about how safe laser hair removal actually is, we’ve created a helpful breakdown of this issue. After all, safety is always an important consideration when choosing your health and beauty treatments.


How safe is laser hair removal?


In general, this method poses minimal risk to your health and the likelihood of any dangerous side-effects is very low. The majority of people who use this treatment will tell you that they experienced zero complications afterwards and that the results were fast and lasting.

Having said this, it is not unheard of that laser hair removal can cause certain adverse side effects, which we will explore below. The biggest risk to remember from the outset, however, is with using a non-qualified practitioner.

Many stories you may hear about the dangers of laser hair removal will likely stem from untrained individuals who have not used the laser hair removal machines as they should. So make sure you always deal with experts in the field when it comes to achieving your beauty goals.


Potential side effects

As laser hair removal targets hair follicles with concentrated light beams, your body may react with redness or slight irritation. A feeling of tenderness may also be felt as well as a tingling sensation. You may not feel anything at all, but if you do, it’s completely natural.

These symptoms are usually short-lived and the targeted area may appear in a similar way to skin after it has recently been waxed. Ice packs or cooling gels can be applied to the area to speed up your skins the recovery time.

Lasting issues may arise if your skin is scratched, rubbed or irritated in some way by your clothing. To avoid this, take care with your after treatment routine and apply moisturiser or take a cold bath if you feel your skin is overheating.


Avoiding infection

Similar to other hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing, damaging hair follicles could lead to an infection. This is unlikely to happen however, if you take care of your skin and avoid touching the area with dirty hands after the treatment.

For those who do experience an infection from laser hair removal, it’s important to treat it like you would a cut. Don’t expose it to any harmful substances and leave it to heal on its own before undergoing any future treatments.

Scarring, which is perhaps the biggest fear of many people who undertake laser hair removal, won’t occur as long as you receive the treatment from a qualified practitioner who will be able to review you skin type and the course of necessary treatments required for you to achieve the best results.


Protect your eyes during laser hair removal

The hair removal procedure uses powerful lasers to deliver its results. As such, there is a risk of serious eye injury if the machine is accidentally applied to your eyes. This may occur if you are removing hair from your upper lip or other parts of your face for instance. To avoid this, always wear the protective goggles provided by your beauty technician.


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