Laser hair removal is an effective medical procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to remove unwanted body hair.

While this might not be your first method of choice, results have shown that it’s a highly sustainable way of achieving smoother skin. So much so, that thousands of women and men have traded their usual waxing or shaving routines for less frequent laser hair removal treatments.

The biggest barrier for people considering laser hair removal is still their lack of knowledge about what the process actually entails and whether it’s worth it. Let’s take a look at some of the important considerations for those contemplating a new tool in their beauty regime this winter.


Does laser hair removal hurt?

One of the biggest concerns people have who are new to laser hair removal is the idea that it’s somehow painful. In truth, this method of treatment causes considerably less discomfort than any other hair removal treatment.

Many clients who undergo this procedure will tell you the sensation is similar to being flicked or snapped lightly with a rubber band. The feeling will largely depend on the part of your skin you are targeting. however, and your general level of pain tolerance.

If you are removing hair on your upper lip, for instance, you may experience a greater sensation than if you were treating areas of your body where the skin is naturally thicker. Consult with your doctor or beauty clinician if you are concerned about this and they’ll explain in full detail about what you can expect.


What is the procedure like?

During the procedure, and following a full consultation with your beautician, a device will be pressed to your skin, triggering highly concentrated energy to destroy hair follicles.

As these pulses are emitted, the laser will be attracted to the specific hair pigments in the targeted area. In the same way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing, these beams will naturally gravitate towards darker, coarse hair.

If you have light coloured fair hair, the procedure will still work, but you may require a greater number of treatments. The length of the actual session may vary depending on your skin and hair type. And if you are still concerned about the sensation, you may be able to receive a cooling gel or spray before or after to soothe the treated area.


How fast can I expect results?


Hairs may not fall out immediately, but you will gradually see a decrease over a period of days and weeks. And as your treatment plan continues, you will witness less hair growth in the targeted area.

Repeated treatments are usually necessary to ensure lasting hair removal. While the results will vary depending on your skin and hair type, as well as your beauty goals and how much of your body you are targeting with laser hair removal, you can expect to receive several different treatments over a course of weeks or months for the best effects.


How long does it last?

Laser hair removal doesn’t completely stop hair growth, but it will slow it down to a rate that you won’t have to shave, wax or apply hair removal cream anytime soon.

If you want to achieve long-term removal over a number of years, you can arrange to have maintenance treatments that top up the effects of the initial treatment.

Some have experienced hair-free skin for several months following only minimal treatments, while others have noticed regrowth happen at a sooner rate. But all this depends on your treatment plan of choice, your type of hair and your hair removal goals. We’ll explain everything when you arrive!


Is it worth it?

The main motivation to use laser hair removal treatments is to save time and discomfort from your weekly (or daily) hair removal regime. By considerably slowing down the growth of new hairs and removing hair from awkward or inconvenient places, you can enjoy the freedom of lovely smooth skin throughout the year.

It’s true that laser hair removal treatment plans are not as cheap as other hair removal options, but if you see it as an investment over a longer period of time, it may well be worth the cost.


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