Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal


Hair always grows back. That’s a fact. No matter how often you shave, it always returns, bringing with it unwanted itching and bad ingrowths. While waxing can be more effective, it’s an extreme method that pulls away the protective layer of your skin along with your hair, causing irritation in addition to the sharp sting!

Cream that removes hair may seem like a more gentle option, but this is far from the truth. Skin irritation, allergic reactions, lingering smells and chemical burns are the side effects of certain depilatory creams. So what’s the solution?

While people associate laser hair removal treatments with pain, high cost and a humorous collection of bizarre side effects, it can actually be the best option to help you achieve healthy, smooth and hairless skin.

To illustrate this, we’ve gathered some of the most popular myths about the treatment in order to offer you some well-needed hair removal education.


The treatment is too expensive

It’s true that treatments for laser hair removal are more expensive than waxing or shaving products, but to simply end the conversation there would be short-sighted. The best way to view the cost-effectiveness of this treatment is to weigh the price against the duration of its effects and the ability to avoid constant itching and irritation – not to mention the endless hours you accumulate waxing or shaving.

The number of trips to the parlour is small in comparison to the amount of times you will need to buy alternative hair removal products. Scheduling your treatments over a number of months or a year will ensure that you never have to worry about hair removal issues in the short term.

Also, the areas that you want to target are probably very small, such as your eyebrows or the upper lip, rather than large sections of skin. These treatments are relatively inexpensive if you consider how the cost is spread out over a year, you will start to see it’s really not that expensive.


Laser hair removal is extremely painful

This myth originates from the very first machines that were used for laser hair removal. When the technology first came out, it was known to cause damage to skin. Today the technology is much more advanced.

Some patients may feel a prickling or tingling sensation that causes moderate discomfort, but compared to the momentary pain caused by waxing, it really doesn’t compare.

With modern machines, discomfort is kept to a minimal and if you are particularly sensitive, you can even use a numbing cream. But this is usually unnecessary. Long term side effects are a thing of the past!


It only works on certain hair types

Laser hair removal works on all hair types, however in the past technology was not as effective at removing lighter hair types such as ginger. Things have changed a lot in the industry over the years and laser hair removal treatment has become much more effective at combating all hair types including ginger, blonde and other light hair shades.

Having said this, the best results can still be seen on darker hair colours. It will sometimes take an additional number of sessions to get the same results for lighter hair colours, but the effects can still be substantial so consult with your doctor what is required for your hair type.


The treatment actually causes more hair to grow

Laser Hair Removal doesn’t cause increased hair growth rates or even denser hair growth. Each treatment should in fact cause a significant decrease of hair growth. This translates to the speed of growth as well as the density and thickness of the actual hair strands.

When hair eventually grows back after your treatment phases has ended, you hair will typically be much lighter and finer – so even if you stop your treatments completely, the areas you found to be the most troublesome in the past will be easier to manage.


Laser hair removal doesn’t work on dark skin

At one point, this myth was actually true. Unfortunately, the technology of the past was not effective in treating darker-skinned patients. This is because it is the melanin in the skin that is targeted to achieve the desired effect.

Modern technology has long been able to successfully remove hair on darker skin though, so if your complexion is what has stopped you from receiving treatment, you should reconsider.

When consulting with a professional, feel free to raise this concern, and they should be able to offer you any assurances that you need regarding this issue.


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