If you’re looking for the perfect way to refresh your skin this spring, glycolic acid peels could be the ultimate solution. A quick, non-invasive treatment for active women who want to get back to business as quickly as possible, glycolic acid peels are rejuvenating, exfoliating, and perfect for banishing the signs of aging.

Here at Primas Medispa, we offer a range of quick and effective skin peels perfect for those who want to scrub away stress and exhaustion and reveal the beauty within. With our glycolic acid peels, you can minimise fine lines, resist wrinkles, and shrink pores all within a single 15-minute treatment.

Pair your peel with one of our other services like laser hair removal or cellulite treatment, and you’ll have everything you need for the ultimate spring spa services package in Central London.

What is a glycolic acid peel?

Skin peels focus on harnessing the most nourishing, exfoliating, and enhancing ingredients from around the world, to rejuvenate your skin, remove blemishes, and wash away dead skin cells. Our gentle glycolic acid peels use one particularly popular member of the alpha hydroxyl acid family to treat issues like acne, and wrinkles.

Glycolic acid comes from natural ingredients like sugar cane and fruits. When applied to the skin, this substance softens the link between old, rough skin, giving way to a new and fresh appearance. The results are amazing, and can often be achieved with minimum discomfort, so you can be back on your feet and out of the door within minutes.

At Primas Medispa, we’ll meet with you before your peel to discuss the best treatment for your specific skin type, and beauty goals, so you can rest assured that you’ll end up with a fantastic, glamourous glow.

The benefits of a glycolic acid peel

The glycolic acid peel is best-suited to people who have relatively mild skin conditions and imperfections. These spa services are designed to rejuvenate and enhance, without the long recovery time associated with harsher treatments. The results include:

  • Smaller pores: glycolic acid peels shrink the appearance of pores by removing bacteria and dirt. The natural substances in our peels seep into the epidermis and remove dead skin, revealing your stunning skin underneath.
  • Reduced acne: glycolic acid peels are a common treatment for acne scars. The peel can target problem areas, remove layers of break-out causing bacteria, and deliver a more even, radiant complexion.
  • Reversed sun damage: Though excessive exposure to the sun might not seem like a common problem in Central London, it can cause dark spots and discolouration on the surface of the skin. Glycolic acid removes dead skin and stimulates the growth of new cells for a blemish-free appearance.
  • Anti-Aging: glycolic peels can reduce the symptoms of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, strengthening the deeper layers of the skin for a fresh and plump appearance.

Your fresh-faced new look

Here at Primas Medispa, we know what it feels like to be an ambitious woman in a fast-paced world. With glycolic acid peels, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on your morning routine, by ditching your makeup and embracing the natural beauty of fresh-faced youth. Once your peel reveals stunning, glowing skin, you won’t want to cover it up with anything but a thin layer of moisturiser.

Remember, our spa services packages in Central London are tailor-made to suit you. Our aesthetic experts will discuss your treatment with you and leave you with results you can’t wait to show off.

Contact us today to find out more about our glycolic acid peels or book your consultation!