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Toning & Cellulite

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Toning & Cellulite

At Primas Medispa's Central London beauty clinic we deliver the most effective toning and cellulite treatments with our expertise and the latest technology.

  • Pricing
    From £100
  • Procedure Time
    35 mins
  • Downtime
  • Results last for
    Long Term

We all want to look our best. And while nothing can replace a healthy lifestyle, there are some modern tricks that can make a big difference.

Primas Medispa’s Central London beauty clinic is proud to offer a range of the latest sophisticated beauty treatments to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you the toned body you’ve always dreamed of.

Tshape for cellulite removal

Tshape treatment uses non-invasive technology to reduce the problems of saggy skin and accelerate cellulite removal. It combines multi-polar radiofrequency technology with a specialist LLLT laser and a vacuum massage to identify and tighten redundant skin.

It is one of the most effective cellulite remedies available and many of our customers have benefited from the stunning results.

Find out more about Tshape for cellulite removal treatment at our Central London beauty clinic today or call now to book.


Ultrasound cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation is a groundbreaking treatment for targeted fat reduction. The specialised technology detects unnecessary fat cells, and converts them into a liquid, which the body can then filter out naturally.

It’s completely non-surgical and effectively emulsifies fat cells, with fast, noticeable results.

Find out more about ultrasound cavitation at our Central London beauty clinic today or call now to book.

Lipo Laser

Laser liposuction is a much quicker and less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. The sophisticated laser technology penetrates the skin and liquefies fat cells, which can then be then removed through the body’s natural metabolic function.

Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, our patients experience impressive results very quickly.

Find out more about laser liposuction at our Central London beauty clinic or call now to book.



Cryolipolysis, or ‘fat freezing’ is an incredible treatment that’s relatively new to the market. It’s designed to reduce fat quickly. Free from many of the traditional side effects associated with weight loss surgery, the treatment quite literally cools the fat cells to freezing point, which allows the body’s natural processes to gradually filter out the fat.

Effective, impressive fat loss with little or no downtime after treatment.

Body wraps

A body wrap, as the name might suggest, involves wrapping your body in a mixture of herbs, soothing lotions, and thermal blankets. We offer this as a wonderful natural treatment to soothe and detoxify your skin, while targeting the reduced appearance of cellulite.

A natural, relaxing treatment for body and mind.


How to prepare for Your treatment

3 Quick & Easy Steps


Eat a healthy and balanced diet before and after the treatment.


Drink more water after
to eliminate the toxins.


Go for a walk or exercise to activate the lymphatic system.

Toning & CellulitePricing

Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions 10 Sessions
Tshape Radiofrequency/Laser/Vacuum 45mins £150 £405 £765 £998
Cavitation (Ultrasound) 35mins £100 £265 £498 £800
Combine Cavitation & Tshape 1 hour £150 £385 £750 £1,100
Lipo Laser 45mins £75 £199 £375 £598
Cyro Fat Freezing 45mins £200 £550 £1,080 £1,728

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4.5 Average 40 Reviews

“I started my laser treatment at Primas and the results are amazing so far! Today, I had my 6th session for underarm, Hollywood and legs, I literary don’t see hairs anymore! I am very pleased with the ladies that are so professional and take an amazing care of me! Thanks so much Primas team! See you again very soon! :)”

Brennda Heimarsdóttir

“Beautiful clinic and lovely staff. I have been having laser hair removal and it's working so well. 4 sessions on my legs and I hardly have any hairs left ! I would highly recommend the laser here , amazing results”

Rosie Catton

“What a beautiful place, I had been going for my laser treatments and I have achieve the best results, hair free and rejuvenated skin, Shirley has been very professional and friendly, I definitely recommend this place.”

Isabel Gonzalez

“Very great value for laser hair removal and facials!!So nice atmosphere and stuff!! Was on time and very professional , highly recommend!”

Jelena Kulberg

“Pleasant staff who really took care of me for my first ever laser treatment, thank you!”

Sara Jones