Tshape (Radio frequency, Laser Ltt & Vacuum)

Tackle problem areas and benefit from a reduction to sagging skin and troublesome cellulite. Tshape remodels the body and the face, lifting stubborn areas including the buttocks and face. Book a treatment at our Central London beauty clinic.


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T Shape

Tshape (Radio frequency, Laser Ltt & Vacuum)

Tackle problem areas and benefit from a reduction to sagging skin and troublesome cellulite. Tshape remodels the body and the face, lifting stubborn areas including the buttocks and face. Book a treatment at our Central London beauty clinic.

  • Pricing
    From £200
  • Procedure Time
    45 mins
  • Downtime
  • You will enjoy
    Toned Body

Benefits of Tshape

  • Full body remodelling
  • Body reshaping
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Removal of unwanted body mass
  • Tightening & lifting

Tshape is a body remodelling treatment which tightens sagging skin and helps remove cellulite. Both things are natural signs of ageing, but just because it’s the way things are doesn’t mean you need to put up with it. Cellulite becomes more noticeable over time, and cannot be prevented totally by a balanced diet and regular exercise alone. However, when it starts becoming prominent, a Tshape treatment can minimise the effects.

Tshape treatments are non-invasive, so you will not have to endure surgery and the lengthy downtime that surgical treatments often necessitate during recovery. 

Our treatment includes a combination of radiofrequency, laser and vacuum technology to target saggy skin and cellulite in unwanted areas.

Tshape remodels loose & sagging skin

Our Tshape treatments are advanced and painless. The trio of technologies at work in this treatment help eliminate cellulite at a deep level. We use the 3-in-1 multisystem from the Baldan Group, one of the leaders in cellulite reduction therapy. The treatment first combats fat deposits, improves tissue elasticity and finally reduces cellulite imperfections using anti cellulite technology.

The procedure employs radiofrequency to generate heat when the Baldan Group 3-in-1 multi system comes into contact with fat tissue. When the handset is warmed to the correct temperature, the Tshape machine is rolled across the treatment area. This stimulates the skin’s dermis layer into producing new collagen, the protein responsible for the skin’s elasticity. With new collagen produced, skin appears firmer, tighter and revitalised.

Tshape treatments begin with radiofrequency, followed up by laser activation. The LLT laser radiates fat tissues to form micropores, and then the laser increases the fragmentation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. These lipids are dispersed through the natural metabolic functions, reducing cellulite and ultimately firming the appearance of the body. 

The laser is followed by an endothermic vacuum massage. The vacuum raises, folds and compresses your skin to increase the blood flow in treated areas. This, in turn, helps the body remove toxins through the lymphatic system.


Cellulite consultations on an individual basis

Cellulite treatments are considered on an individual basis. We tailor all Tshape treatments to the individual. This is why we recommend a consultation, to allow us to discuss and determine the best areas to target in your treatment or course of treatments.

We recommend a course of 6-10 sessions for the most effective results, and we advise our clients to pursue a healthy lifestyle after treatment to ensure the longest lasting results possible.

Tshape treatments are commonly used to tackle skin-based issues in a number of body parts, including upper arms, abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, back and face.

Non-invasive and safe treatments

As Tshape treatments are non-invasive, they require no downtime. This makes them the perfect procedure to fit into your busy schedule. Plus, multiple sessions will have no impact on your ability to return to the workplace, as each individual treatment only takes 45 minutes. 

Book a Tshape treatment and tone your body, and make your skin appear tighter, firmer and younger with a reduced cellulite appearance.

T-Shape 2

T-Shape 2

(In the new device, the BIPOLAR RADIOFREQUENCY, LLLT LASER and VACUUM ASPIRATION. the three combined technologies are also joined by MESOPORATION , a new latest generation function which increases the permeability of the cell membrane allowing to easier tone your body, and make vour skin appear tighter, firmer and vounger with a reduced cellulite appearance.


From the research comes T-Shape 2, the evolution of Baldan Group technology known all over the world, the device ready to rewrite the rules of well-being once again.

From aesthetic technology, T-Shape2 becomes a TECHNOLOGICAL STATION.

The combination of bipolar radiofrequency and LLLT laser creates an INTENSE THERMAL HEAT in the connective tissues, including the fibrous septum. This favors an increase in collagen deposits and celular metabolism, causing a considerable localized reduction in skin volume and laxity.
The concomitant function of vacuum suction generates an immediate INCREASE IN BLOOD CIRCULATION and LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, both essential for improving general health.
The automatic rotation and pressure of the spheres of the new ultramodern mesosphere handpiece produce a MICRO-VIBRATION that reaches directly the tissues, thus allowing a complete processing of the skin and muscle.

The innovative technology of T-Shape 2 guarantees less noise and greater treatment efficiency , a more performing radiofrequency and the insertion of the laser , with different wavelengths, in each handpiece used for the treatment of the body. Furthermore, to ensure optimal performance, everything will be modulated separately, according to the needs and requirements of each customer.

How to prepare for Tshape Treatment

3 Quick & Easy Steps


Eat a healthy, balanced diet in preparation for your treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle after your Tshape session


Increase your daily water intake to aid your body’s ability to flush out toxins, post-treatment


Exercise regularly - even a gentle or brisk walk can help activate the lymphatic system

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