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The Only Treatments You’ll Need to Achieve Your Skin Goals

  With an endless range of facial treatment options out there that promise all the health benefits you’re looking for, it can be challenging to find the one that really works for you and your unique skin type. You may have your own skin care routine that maintains an overall clean and healthy-looking appearance. However…

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How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal Really?

  Laser hair removal treatment is designed for those who wish to enjoy smooth and hairless skin, using concentrated beams of light to get rid of unwanted body hair and stubbles for good. While it is a more intensive procedure than that of traditional hair removal treatments, such as waxing and shaving, it can tackle…

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What do you know About Pressotherapy?

  Sometimes, all your body needs is a boost to maintain its natural functions, and a good detox can certainly do the job. Thankfully, we have fantastic treatments, such as Pressotherapy, that can improve our overall wellbeing and help us achieve our beauty goals, without causing any discomfort or irreversible harm. Here at Primas Medispa,…

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Achieve your Skin Goals with Primas this Autumn

  It’s that time of year again where temperatures slowly drop, and the sunny days turn into rainy days. Of course, we all crave radiant and smooth skin, but it is during this season, after several weeks of sun-bathing and humidity that we especially strive for healthy skin. So, you may have come up with…

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