We all want the perfect body. Unfortunately, getting rid of lumps, bumps, and unwanted cellulite isn’t always simple. The right diet and a healthy lifestyle can help to keep you feeling and looking amazing, but a little extra help can go a long way.

Fortunately, developments in the world of health and beauty have meant that invasive and uncomfortable surgeries like liposuction and fat removal are a thing of the past. Here at Primas Medispa, we know that the modern woman of today can’t afford to spend weeks recovering from an invasive surgery. That’s why we invest in some of the most effective and pain-free body contouring procedures in the world.

An alternative approach to cellulite removal

Whether you’re sick of orange-peel skin, or you simply want to slim down your love handles, new non-invasive alternatives to liposuction could give you the results you’re looking for, without the downtime.

Here at the Primas Medispa beauty clinic in Central London, you can discover a selection of scientifically-proven techniques for reducing cellulite and creating more definition with lasers, cryolipolysis, massage and more.

For instance, laser liposuction is one of the best-known cellulite removal solutions on the market today. Instead of using knives and needs, lipolaser treatments use high-intensity focused waves to penetrate the skin and liquefy fat cells, which are then removed naturally from the body’s system.

Pampering without the pain

Our highly-trained aestheticians can offer a range of comfortable and relaxing treatments perfect for toning the body and banishing cellulite. In fact, if you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience that combines detoxification with toning, then you can even try one of our delightful body wraps, which cover the body in a soothing selection of lotions and thermal blankets.

Some of the other alternative options to liposuction available today include:

  • T-Shape Cellulite removal: Why go under the knife when you can get the same incredible results with specialist LLLT laser technology and vacuum massaging? T-Shape combines radiofrequency technology with massaging to tighten and tone from head to toe.
  • Ultrasound cavitation: An innovative treatment designed specifically for targeted fat reduction, ultrasound cavitation seeks out fat cells in your system and converts them into a liquid which can be naturally filtered out by the body.
  • Cryolipolysis: Freeze fat in its tracks with a treatment that literally cools fat cells to freezing point, then helps the body to filter those cells away through your standard metabolic processes.

Say so long to liposuction

With a range of non-surgical spa services to choose from, all proven to help minimise cellulite and tone your silhouette, liposuction has become a thing of the past. Here at Primas Medispa, we can help you to find your pain-free alternative to surgery and enjoy a treatment that will have you back on your feet in no time.

With non-invasive fat reduction and cellulite removal treatments, there’s no downtime, no unsightly scarring, and no need to worry. Welcome to the future of beauty treatments.