Primas Beauty Clinic is delighted to add another service – Non surgical cosmetic treatments
for its esteemed clients.

Join us in celebrating our association with Belgravia Dermatology  

We at Primas Beauty Clinic would provide each one of you a tailored approach to bring
innovation and creativity by using the best products and taking care of your safety. Our most
important consideration is YOU – your safety, your results and our relationship with you. We
offer free counselling pre-treatment and free follow-ups.

What we offer :
Forehead Wrinkles
Smokers Lines
Nose Wrinkles
Pebbled Chin
Brow Lift
Excessive Sweating & much more...

Botox forehead - BF.jpg

Botox Nasolabial
nasolabial after.jpg

Ageing hands 
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Botox starting from £220 & fillers from £295 only – CONSULTATION

‘We care for you

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Botox Cosmetic?

Botox is a prescription medicine that is designed for injection into specific muscles to
temporarily reduce wrinkles on the face and enhance natural, younger & fresher looks.
2. What are the side effects?
There are rarely any side effects of botox. Like any medicine, slight bruising at the site of
an injection may occur which would disappear in 48-72 hours usually.

3. How much do I need?
Every face is unique and has different skin texture and hence does depends on the clinician,
when you come for a FREE pre-treatment counselling session.

4. Can I have Botox if I have had it before?
Yes. We will examine you and tailor our treatment specifically as per you when you book us
for a FREE consultation.

5. When Can I not have Botox?
If you are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, on a high dose of blood thinners, if you have neuromuscular
problems or on some antibiotics eg-amikacin, gentamicin.

6. How long will the effect last?
Generally will last for about 3-4 months but varies among different people

7. If I have had Botox once, do I need to keep having it all my life?
NO, you can choose not to have it. People generally tend to have it as they like the young and
fresh looks that enhance their confidence.

8. If I have had Botox, can anyone find out that I have had the treatment?
Generally not until you tell them. Here at Sanrizz we respect patient confidentiality and don’t
share information between patients until valid consent.

9. When Can I see the results?
You should be able to see results around day 3-4 but full effect usually is seen around day 14

10 What areas can I get the botox?

1. Fore head lines
2. Excessive sweating on the fore head
3. Dimples on the chin/witch chin
4. Grinding teeth
5. Wrinkles around the eyes
6. Excessive Armpit sweating
7. Neck Wrinkles/Platysmal bands
8. Eye brow shaping

1. What are dermal Fillers?
Dermal Fillers are gels that create, lift and add volume to the areas treated. They
help to create a youthful look by filling in the folds around the mouth, restoring
cheek height, refreshing lips and other areas.

2. What areas can be treated?
They can be used to treat-
 Nose to mouth lines-naso-labial folds
 Lines around the mouth-peri-oral lines
 Lip shaping
 Lip enhancement/volumisation
 Cheek augmentation
 Lines from corner of the mouth downwards- Marionette lines
 Wrinkled Hands

3. How long do the effects last?
Approx. 6-12 months but depends on individual factors eg- skin type, smoker etc.

4. When Can I not have the Fillers?
If you are pregnant or breast feeding or high doses of blood thinners. Previous
allergic reaction to fillers or numbing agent in fillers, cold sores on the affected

5. When will I be able to see the results?
Instantaneously although the bruising & swelling can take 72 hrs to settle down

6. Do I need to keep having them all the time?
No, not at all. But people generally love the youthful looks they achieve and hence
like to have top ups

7. Are they safe?
Yes, they are absolutely safe. Product related reactions are very rare. Expect some
bruising & redness at the injection site but that disappears in 48-72 hrs.

8. Will they hurt?
We use numbing cream before injection and hence there is no pain. They can be
slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes.

Few testimonials are hereunder:
“Quite a worry don’t you see? When you are told you’ve a new Doctor. You take the plunge and go along; hoping that your fears are wrong. My case is simple; through the years. Poorer reception in my ears, so Dr. Dhawan sounded fine but emerged as Darwin down the line. Origin of species brilliant work; shedding light where once was murk, but overqualified he must be; To be caring for the likes of me.”
“Dr. Vikram Dhawan has been extremely helpful in counselling, encouraging and executing painless treatments. My appointments with him have been a positive experience and I have felt comfortable that he can solve issues healthwise, mentally and physically. I strongly recommend him to each patient”
“I had dermal fillers for lips with Dr Dhawan,
Having previously had my lips done twice before with different practitioners the difference is amazing. It was explained to me in great detail about the procedure. I was asked what I wanted and then Dr Dhawan suggested his thoughts which were perfect. The whole experience was about me (his client) and not just about filling lips and taking money.” 

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